Our Current Activities


According to the group’s first goal, “to reduce the number of school drop outs and increase the number of literates in Koreng parish”, and the second goal, “to increase agricultural output and adoption of new farming methods”, we have the first and second strategies to achieve these; “Improving the economic ability of the youth to educate themselves, children and dependants”, and “empowering the youth and increase their technical know-how in agricultural production.” Respectively. The group has designed a project under its agricultural activities of training the youth in Koreng parish on how to raise a profitable passion fruit farm.

Passion fruits are one of the most profitable fruits grown in the tropical regions of Africa. They produce high returns as compared to its cost of investment. They are easy to maintain, harvest, store, and once established, passion fruit farms can live up to a period of at least three years, and up to five years if well managed. It can be harvested twice a year.

This is so ideal for the peasant farmers who entirely depend on agriculture and this project is directed to the youth of Koreng parish, where they will be trained on how to raise viable farms and possible ways of supporting their activities sought.

In this project, we plan to deal with at least 30 youth and above, and in this respect, a minimum of 30 passion fruit farms shall be raised in Koreng parish with in a one year’s period.

The association shall help develop a marketing plan for the passion fruits in order to sell them profitably. We therefore welcome opinions and support from the public to uplift this activity.

In order to achieve the above, we need have a demonstration site where demonstrations shall be performed from, an irrigation system to help water the plants during extremely dry seasons of the year, a fence to deter intruders, thieves and animals from performing destructive actions on the farm.

We therefore call upon the general public, organizations, individuals, or groups to support our action for development.

For any contributions, comments, opinions, contact us through our contact page.


What we have done


We have already leased land for the demonstration site for a period of five years, from 2015 to 2020.

We have raised nursery beds for the passion fruit seedlings to be transplanted to the seed bed


What we are doing


We are actively clearing our field to prepare the seed bed for the plants.

We are maintaining our nursery be.

We are lobbying for funds to support our activities.


In our next plan


Digging water pits to provide a source of water for our irrigation system.

Fencing the site to deter intruders.

Transplanting the seedlings to the field.

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