Our Belief

The Youth Group strongly believes that young people deserve to be heard and that they need their own structures and channels to voice their concerns. We support our members to become more relevant, stronger as well as better equipped to sustain that role. We also actively participate in the projects of nature rehabilitation, sanitation programs, especially in Koreng parish, and in the villages most affected by the economic crisis. We work in villages of Kamailuk and Koreng in Koreng parish, Malera sub-county, of Bukedea district. We want this youth organization to contribute more and better to nature rehabilitation, youth mobilization, agricultural projects and and community development through teamwork and capacity building. We advocate for the recognition of the impact of youth work and volunteering in society. Its implementation should be the frame for new Youth groups across Uganda.

Our Back-ground information

Many of the youth of Koreng parish have been noticed by the initiators of this group to have droped out of school owing to an inability to raise school fees in different levels. This has led to the problems stated below; The influx of the youth to the urban areas in search for casual jobs, which leave them live under poor standards of living hence forcing them to street crime. Redundance of youth in Koreng and this has led them to tempted in crime activities like; gumbling, drug abuse, theft, burglary, rape, defilement, afray, assault and most of the times sabortage of public facilities and government property. Early marrieges and un planned child births which have rendered the community vulnerable and thus therefore need immediate Action to empower the youth through encouraging team work and capacity building. The above challenges have been identified among the youth and hence led to the formation of “KORENG YOUTH ACTION FOR DEVELOPEMENT, KOYAD”.

Our Goals

To reduce the number of school drop-outs and increase the number of literates in Koreng parish.

To increase agricultural out-put and and adoption of new farming methods.

To eradicate poverty and promote developement in Koreng parish.

To improve health and sanitation and promote stability in Koreng parish.

To reduce the number of crime in Koreng parish.

Our Activites

Profitable agrcultural activities like; horticulture, cash crop gowing, fruit growing, ranching, piggery, apiary, poultry, and others.

Afforestation/tree planting.

Business activities and Money lending..

Sensitization workshops

Any other activities as shall be deemed neccesary to the development of the group.

these activities help us in raising income for the youth group as at the same time they are used for empowering the youth, both the members and non-menmbers.

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